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Armenia’s Venture Ecosystem
To make Armenia’s VC ecosystem more transparent to market players and showcase the region’s innovation potential and technology achievements.
· The current status and venture trends identified;
· A map of 40+ key market players put together;
· 15+ expert interviews conducted;
· Venture investments in the region between 2019 and 1H2022 analyzed
The Balkans’ Venture Ecosystem
To highlight the unique features the Balkan region has, showcase achievements by local ecosystem players, ease startup access to investors and corporations, and up the transparency of the venture market
  • 700+ venture deals closed between 2019 and 1H2022 and 5,500+ startups across 11 countries studied;
  • 20+ expert interviews conducted;
  • the Balkans’ bearings relative to the rest of Europe’s VC ecosystem determined;
  • prospects for the region’s venture development forecasted in the mid-term.
India’s Venture Ecosystem
To bring India’s start-ups to the attention of investors and help attract investors to the fund.
  • India’s macroeconomic landscape perused;
  • 120+ most relevant cases scored and long-listed;
  • India’s key venture players described;
  • Venture investments in the region between 2017 and 2020 analyzed;
  • solutions by 30 Indian startups screened.
Designing a Digital Service for Startup Identification and Support
To determine the Customer’s bearings relative to the competition, learn the best practices competitors use, and tailor those to developing their own product .
  • International best practices analyzed and long-term development trends for the service in question identified based on the activity of 15 global companies;
  • a questionnaire developed and 53 CustDev interviews conducted among five groups of target audiences;
  • client scenarios for each of the groups developed, including the way the groups may interact with the digital service and what interface solutions are required;
  • a clickable service prototype developed, complete with a plan and parameters of MVP launch; implementation of digital services within the product prioritized and described.
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