Main / Tech Monitoring Case Study
Monthly RetailTech Monitoring
To look over corporate applications of the most efficient technologies for in-store management, logistics and client satisfaction by global retail leaders for possible introduction to Customer’s business processes .
  • 4 analytical monitoring reports issued;
  • a cloud containing 300+ search tags prepared;
  • 100+ use cases studied by 26 criteria;
  • the cases scored and 60+ most interesting ones long-listed;
  • the way a certain case impacts the industry looked into.
$506m Revenue Retail company
Dark Kitchen Market Study
To analyze market trends, study Dark Kitchen business models and specific use cases, and identify the formats that may apply in the former Soviet Union countries.
  • Market overview put together, including market value and segmentation;
  • key Dark Kitchen trends identified;
  • leading players determined and a market map made;
  • sector development forecasted.
$2bn Property developer
Quantum Tech: Patenting Landscape
To study the global patenting landscape for quantum technology.
● 11,000+ patent applications and 3,000+ patents in quantum technology analyzed over 2010-2022;
● a Top 5 list of most sought-after patenting jurisdictions and Top 10 list of most patenting companies put together in each separate tech segment;
● factors that impact global quantum tech development studied.