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Scouting for Startups
and Technologies
We look for startups for M&As, tech partnerships or investments across the globe. To do so, we exchange data with global startup DBs and key tech hubs.
startups short-listed for piloting overall
What Innotechnics Scouting is about Tech/Team
Key Info:
1. Detailed description of a project/solution with its value proposition and financial metrics;
2. Contact info: name, phone/email, mail address
Geographical span
1. Eastern Europe (Kazakhstan, Georgia, Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan)
2. Latin America (Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Chile)
4. MENA (Israel, Turkey, UAE)
3. Asia (China, India, Singapore, South Korea)
Competitive advantages:
— Our proprietary DB with 60K+ startups;
— High processing speed;
— DeepTech savvy;
— Developing markets 100% covered
10-15 projects fully described
A project takes three weeks
to complete
We know exactly what we talk about
We help corporations and VCs pinpoint and monitor trends in tech sectors.
We cover Finance, Telecom, IT, Retail, Logistics, Construction, Industry & Manufacturing
We publish comprehensive Venture Ecosystem Report twice a year.
We have our own database for you to effortlessly find the technologies of interest and analyze recent deals for sector verve all by yourself
See how Startup Scouting works
Identification of Technology Partners for a Bank’s Digital Transformation
To find FinTech solutions for possible extension of the Customer’s product line, and B2B solutions for internal processes optimization.
  • 30 interviews with department heads conducted;
  • an essentials matrix formed for each department;
  • 5 pitch sessions held, 5-10 startups per session;
  • 300+ startup teams scrutinized, 30 of which recommended for pilot projects; 18 began pilot project negotiations.
$7bn+ Bank
PropTech-focused Research and Scouting
To analyze tech trends in PropTech to identify synergies for development at Customer’s bank.
  • Key trends and technologies pinpointed;
  • the volume and dynamics of venture investing in the segment screened;
  • most investable tech solutions picked and described;
  • scouting performed across three most noteworthy verticals, with a pipeline of 150 companies put together and 15 pitch sessions with Customer held.
$100m+ Bank
IT Solutions Integrator in the Construction and Mining Industries
To find tech solutions, including AI, for finance, BIMs, document processing, project maintenance, and marketplaces .
  • A pipeline of off-the-shelf solutions and sector-specific developers (50+ services);
  • 10 solutions pitched to Customer.
Property developer
Go over your Tech/Team Scouting project
with our consultants
We’ll beat the bushes far and wide to bring you what you need for progress.
Arseniy Dabbakh