Main / Market Research Case Study
New Geographical Markets Study
To prioritize markets and identify the most lucrative one for Customer to bring their in-house EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) class product to.
● 3 regions short-listed as seeming to meet basic criteria the most (APAC, MENA, LatAm);
● each of the three national markets looked into in detail:
- market volume (PAM, TAM, SAM, SOM), market capacity, growth rate, market structure
- target segments
- key market players
- competitors’ pricing
- legal hurdles;
● recommendations on country selection, market positioning and achievable objectives given to Customer.
$6bn Retail company
Search for New Digital Business Cases
To identify new business growth drivers for the Customer to ensure a considerable increase in sales and capitalization for a 3-5 year horizon.
  • Methodology developed and a ranking of 15 tech verticals put together, based on investment and technology trends;
  • 100+ business cases looked into across the Metals and adjacent markets globally, covering the ranking’s five most noteworthy verticals;
  • the short-listed cases scored by eight criteria and two singled out as bearing the most synergy with the Customer’s core business.
$11bn+ Mining company
Investigating a Local Corporate Gamification Market
To get a full picture of how the corporate gamification market is faring, identify global trends, put together a checklist in order to pick a vendor, and establish the metrics to assess the practicality of a gamification service.
  • Eight corporate gamification tech trends identified;
  • functionality embedded in solutions from a select group of 25 vendors looked into in detail;
  • 15 criteria studied to suggest as metrics for gamification usefulness analysis.
$55m Revenue IT Company
HRTech Platforms Market
To study the market for Customer to consider integrating HRTech solutions identified in their corporate ecosystem.
  • The market’s qualifiable and quantifiable aspects studied and its three pivotal segments singled out;
  • 20 most interesting all-in-one solutions in Belarus, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan analyzed and scored;
  • 10 companies to watch identified;
  • comparative analysis conducted for six leading players globally.
Innovation Company
PropTech Market in 2019-2020
To study the key PropTech trends and look into the market’s barriers and growth drivers.
  • Trends analyzed;
  • an outlook and development scenarios for the PropTech market developed;
  • prospective market events mapped out
$60bn+ Bank