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Innotechnics helps step up innovation through market analytics and tech scouting
We analyse technology markets and find best fit solutions for corporations. Unlike other innovation consultants and databases we dive deeply into the client’s business to find a solution with successful cases. We accomplish it with proprietary database, AI tools and verified expert network from all over the world.
Featured case studies
Global Scouting for Solutions for SMEs
To find tech solutions for SMEs in areas such as protection for cloud tech, data and apps users, and network technologies protection.
  • 2,000+ startup teams identified;
  • 700+ teams long-listed and contacted;
  • 60+ registrations obtained.
$700m+ World leader in cybersecurity
Identification of Technology Partners for a Bank’s Digital Transformation
To find FinTech solutions for possible extension of the Customer’s product line, and B2B solutions for internal processes optimization.
  • 30 interviews with department heads conducted;
  • аn essentials matrix formed for each department;
  • 5 pitch sessions held, 5-10 startups per session;
  • 300+ startup teams scrutinized, 30 of which recommended for pilot projects; 18 began pilot project negotiations.
$7bn+ Bank
Search for New Digital Business Cases
To identify new business growth drivers for the Customer to ensure a considerable increase in sales and capitalization for a 3-5 year horizon.
  • Methodology developed and a ranking of 15 tech verticals put together, based on investment and technology trends;
  • 100+ business cases looked into across the Metals and adjacent markets globally, covering the ranking’s five most noteworthy verticals;
  • 10+ expert interviews conducted;
  • the short-listed cases scored by eight criteria and two singled out as bearing the most synergy with the Customer’s core business
$11bn+ Mining company
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